(hIA) hybris Integration Accelerator

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To realise true OmniCommerce customer experience, the market demands a cost effective solution that addresses the need for connectivity across the whole enterprise. FAIR Consulting Group is pleased to present our back-end independent hybris Integration Accelerator (hIA) that will help IT platforms integrate, collaborate and work together to provide end-to-end business value. The hIA is a collection of hybris extensions that will connect hybris with other IT platforms through Mulesoft ESB. It offers flexibility and scalability with low upfront cost. This will enable the user to take a “best of breed” approach and only pay for what best fits its specific needs.

Integration layout6

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The hIA was originally developed with focus on a hybris to SAP integration, but thanks to its open architecture and loose-coupling characteristic, it can also be used to smoothly integrate hybris with any other back-end system.
The hybris Integration Accelerator seamlessly integrate hybris with SAP with the following features:
  • Customer
  • Order
  • Cart
  • Product
  • Stock
  • Price
The hybris Integration Accelerator is particularly useful when three or more IT platforms are to be integrated. The platforms will be integrated by connecting them to a middleware solution, as opposed to creating multiple individual point-to-point integrations for each and every platform. So-called “spaghetti codes” that would arise from the point-to-point approach will be avoided, creating stability and reducing risk of project.

The middleware approach will also make it easier to maintain the ecosystem of platforms once the integration is made. Since the hybris Integration Accelerator is based on hybris framework, time and money can be saved by leveraging existing internal Java resources instead of bring in external consultants to do any maintenance needed after the integration is completed.

Middleware (connector)
FAIR Consulting Group’s end-to-end integration solution use Mule Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), a multiple award winning middleware/integration platform, to integrate hybris to any back-end enterprise system. Mule ESB is the most widely used open-source ESB and shares Java Spring technology and framework with hybris, which makes it a perfect fit for this type of integration solution. We have developed a specific hybris connector in Mulesoft to assist the flexible integration of hybris to any back-end system. The Mulesoft standards following hybris connector will work with Mulesoft’s built-in components (Data Transformers, Mule Flows, DataMapper, Groovy Script etc.) to connect with outbound connectors as required. Those back-end connectors will then connect with the back-end system’s gateway.  
FAIR Consulting Group will make your hybris integration comfortable by using our easy to customise generic integration solution. We will be available to support you throughout your integration’s full life cycle, all the way from the rise of your vision to the last stages of going live and maintenance.

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