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HIA - Hyrbis Integration Accelerator


We have a unique offering of delivering SAP integration to Hybris and Adobe products.

EHAC- Extended Hybris-AEM Connector


Our extended Hybris-AEM connector integrates Hybris Commerce with AEM over and above the standard connector provided by Adobe..

CRM - Marketing Integration


Integration of different CRM systems (SAP CRM, C4C and Salesforce) with Marketing platforms (Hybris Marketing, Adobe Campaign, Salesforce Marketing Cloud)

Hybris Intergration

Hybris integration with CRM and other Enterprise systems

With today’s empowered consumers, a fully integrated OmniCommerce platform is a necessity to understand customer engagement across all processes and touch points. Guiding them throughout the whole online purchase journey allows your company to provide an enhanced end-to-end customer experience.

Our CEM value proposition does exactly that, a seamless integration with Hybris OmniCommerce frontend and CRM and other Enterprise systems backend.

The integration will provide real-time Hybris-powered commerce processes that draws required product and customer information from the Enterprise systems. It will synchronise systems to equip your business with the enhanced data and the tools necessary to optimise customer experience and business across all customer touch points – solidifying customer loyalty, maximising profits over the long-term and engaging customers like never before.

Our consultants have high experience from multiple international and local engagements and are specialists in the hybris solution suite that allows us to deliver unique integration solutions customised to the needs of every client.

HIA- Hybris Integration Accelerator

The HIA is a collection of Hybris extensions that will connect Hybris with other IT platforms through Mulesoft ESB. It offers flexibility and scalability with low upfront cost. This will enable the user to take a “best of breed” approach and only pay for what best fits its specific needs.

The HIA was originally developed with a focus on a Hybris to SAP integration, but thanks to its open architecture and loose-coupling characteristic, it can also be used to smoothly integrate Hybris with any other back-end system.

The Hybris Integration Accelerator seamlessly integrate Hybris with SAP with the following features

  • Product
  • Stock
  • Price
  • Customer
  • Order
  • Cart

The Hybris Integration Accelerator is particularly useful when three or more IT platforms are to be integrated. The platforms will be integrated by connecting them to a middleware solution, as opposed to creating multiple individual point-to-point integrations for each and every platform. So-called “spaghetti codes” that would arise from the point-to-point approach will be avoided, creating stability and reducing the risk on projects.