Fluent Commerce carrier integration & global inventory

Project Brief

Fluent Commerce faced struggles with their mobile applications, the initial designs and functionality were stiff and punished flexibility with time-consuming tedious commands. The app lacked the dynamic abilities needed by fluent. This created a need to improve their current app and define other areas of opportunity.

Who is Fluent Commerce

Fluent Commerce is an Australian company providing omnichannel retail strategies. They provide omni-commerce retailers with smart technology that brings the customer to the store and the store to the customer.

“Carrier Integration and Global Inventory implementation was highly critical for the business, FAIR Consulting Group took no time in understanding the requirements and delivering the extensible rules with quality.”

The Challenge

Fluent Commerce was facing issues with their existing integration app due to :

  1. Tight coupling of it with Carriers and adding integration for new carriers was a challenge.
  2. The orchestration was not possible with existing integration app

Fluent Commerce was also missing support for Global Inventory.

Fluent Commerce was expecting FAIR Consulting Group to help in implementing modular and extensible carrier integration rules and rules to effectively use Global Inventory for their customers

FAIR's Solution

The time constraints were very rigid as one of their customers wanted to start UAT with new carrier integration flow. Our Fluent Commerce team had to quickly understand the core APIs, business requirements and implement the solution effectively by making diligent use of their technical and analytical skills.

Baseline for Global Inventory support was also urgent it was required for their new customers.

 Fluent Commerce was closely working with the team to ensure the implementation goes in line with the expected outcome.

  Our team implemented the critical carrier integration rules, Global Inventory support. We also introduced CI/CD pipeline to automate the deployments.

 Our team is engaged with Fluent Commerce for 5 months.

Due to the active involvement and interest from the customer, effective awareness of some well known agile development tools and methodology could be introduced to the project delivery team.

The workshops with the business and CX teams gave us practical insights to the experience Metcash wanted to offer to their end customers. This aided in developing roughly 75% of the UI components for the IndieDirect portal. Thanks to the newly optimized agile development framework, this feat was achieved within a few months of the start of our engagement. Subsequently, the new UI components further reduced the required efforts for frontend development. Additionally, with our thorough investigation of the existing code base, we reduced the code for the cascading style sheets by almost 50%, hence making the entire codebase further scalable.

Value Added

Our solution helped Fluent Commerce to scale their Carrier Integrations and opened new lanes to use Global Inventory for new customers.

Our solution for the Global Inventory baseline would help them to orchestrate inventory for new customers. The solution for carrier integration would make new carrier service integrations much quicker, easier and free of errors.

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