LeasePlan Australia Securitisation

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Project Brief

LeasePlan was in direct need of securitisation, the company was looking for a strong solution partner to help deliver this project very quickly. As the loss of profits and raised expenses were amassing it was time to engage with FAIR Consulting Group to quickly plug the leaks and deliver a quality solution.

Who is LeasePlan

LeasePlan Australia provides leasing and vehicle fleet management services for businesses and governments of all shapes and sizes, managing more than 95,000 vehicles.

“Securitisation Project was highly pertinent and critical for the business and they were struggling with myriad of issues, FAIR Consulting took no time in understanding the issues and resolving them without compromising on quality.”

The Challenge

LeasePlan Australia was facing multiple issues with reconciliation and timely reporting of highly critical financial figures. Due to this issue, they had to delay their payments from the customer by a few days, resulting in financial loss. Moreover, the existing solution had to be streamlined and optimised to reduce manual intervention as much as possible.

LeasePlan Australia asked FAIR Consulting Group to provide a robust solution which could help them with on-time reporting by fixing the issues and automating the process.

The challenge has to deliver securitisation on a very short time frame with exceptional quality

FAIR's Solution

As time was limited and the issue was unique, our BW team had to quickly understand the obstacles and provide efficient solution making diligent use of their ABAP skills.

LeasePlan was involved during the requirement and testing phase to ensure that the proposed fix goes in line with the expected outcome.

Our team fixed the critical extraction issue and optimised existing processes in order to aid with on time and error-free reporting. We also introduced additional processes and checks to automate the solution.

Our team was engaged with LeasePlan Australia for nearly 7 months.

Value Added

Our solution helped LeasePlan Australia to provide the required financial figures to businesses on time and helped mitigate more financial loss.

LeasePlan Australia was provided with a stable solution for Securitisation, automated process for critical monthly reporting and performance optimisation effectively allowing for their business to reduce risk and coss. 

Our solution will help them in the future with their monthly financial reporting activities, as it is no easier and free of errors.

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