Parmalat SAP CRM

Project Scope

Parmalat was taking a phased approach to decommission SAP CRM and implement Salesforce. In the interim stage, customer origination shifted from CRM to Salesforce keeping the CRM system. This project was to support ReX mobile applications that run on SAP CRM system. In the next phase, CRM was removed when the application was built on Salesforce.

Who is Parmalat

Parmalat is a global provider of world-class dairy and other food products, with more than 36,000 employees in 18 countries around the world.

The Challenge

The challenge was to build an interim solution where all of their three systems, CRM, ERP, and Salesforce exist together in synchronisation without losing the capabilities or functions.  Our solution needed to function as is after the design of CRM is changing, but still to be needs the leading system for data exchange.  

The main concern was to deal with the ReX mobile application which was built on SAP CRM and could not be built on Salesforce immediately.

As a part of the planned implementation, the expectations of FAIR Consulting Group was to design and implement a robust solution to support their interim phase where all three systems exist in data synchronization.

FAIR'S Solution

FAIR dealt with the challenge using platform experience and knowledge on SAP CRM and ERP systems. Regular meetings were conducted with the customer to understand why they wanted the phased approach. Our team also tried to understand and explore other scenarios that might be impacted when shifting the data origination system.

The interim solution was to make salesforce system the leading system for data exchange with ERP and CRM.

Value Added

The customer benefited with the quick implementation of interim solution proposed by FAIR. The solution supported application built on the legacy system using data created in the new system.

It would also help Parmalat to perform a smooth implementation of Salesforce system without any risk of impact on their current applications.

Parmalat was convinced and happy with the solution implementation.

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