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AB InBev / Carlton & United Breweries

David Huggett, Customer Experience Director
Carlton & United Breweries

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I’ve worked with FAIR on a number of Strategic Projects and have always been very pleased with the quality of the work and their approach. They fitted well into our organisation and have always provided proactive & realistic recommendations with context to help us make the right decision to support our customer’s needs. Setting us up to be successful in the short term whilst ensuring we make the right decisions for the long term.
  • Satisfaction
  • Innovation & Quality
  • Culture & Ethics
  • Value for Money

A look into Carlton & United Breweries (CUB)

AB InBev is a multinational drinks and brewing holdings company based in Belgium. Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) is one of their subsidiaries and one of the largest beer brewing companies in Australia.

AB InBev is the largest beer company in the world. It had 200 brands prior to the merger with SABMiller in 2016. The combined AB InBev/SAB Miller entity has approximately 400 beer brands as of January 2017. The original AB InBev global brands are Budweiser, Corona and Stella Artois.

Carlton & United Breweries (CUB Pty Ltd.) is an Australian brewing company dating back to 1832. It is based in Abbotsford, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria. CUB produces many of Australia’s most successful beverages, including one of Australia’s highest selling beers, Victoria Bitter. In December 2011, South African owned brewer SAB Miller acquired Foster’s Group and took over ownership of Carlton & United Breweries as part of the acquisition.


CUB Engagement Summary

CUB engaged with FAIR Consulting Group to initially help set up their Hybris system. We provided a number of services to support CUB in becoming digitally nimble across its marketing and commerce channels for B2B. During our engagement, we supported their global rollout of SAP Hybris Commerce and provided guidance to their global SI teams. We also worked to update their Hybris Commerce version to the new CCV2 version. CUB then asked FAIR Consulting Group to provide enhancement work on a number of commerce-related applications and features to better prepare for the large migration initiative. Finally, we provided support in the migration and transition from CUBs on-premise set-up to the SAP Commerce Cloud platform.

This project aimed to help reduce inefficiencies, clean up the outdated systems and deliver an “end to end” transition, which gave CUB more control of their SAP services.

Select Engagements

We worked with CUB to support their global rollout of SAP Hybris Commerce, we conducted Quality Assurance work and Architecture advisory to ensure project goals were met on time. We also worked with their global SI teams to stay on track in regards to design, scope and project deliverables.

We conducted a series of different enhancements for CUB on SAP Hybris Commerce to prepare for the update and migration plan.

We helped with the design and implementation of below enhancements to CUB’s SAP Commerce based B2B customer portal:

  • Stock labels
  • Product Recommendations
  • Shoppable search dropdown
  • Bulk import through import cockpit
  • Reporting and email improvements
  • SEO improvements

We updated CUB’s Hybris commerce application to the latest CCV2 version in order to help prepare for the migration of on-premise to SAP Cloud Platform. This project was highly technical and used an agile scrum team to deliver. Once Hybris Commerce was updated, our team began the migration from CUB’s internal on-premise servers to the SAP Cloud Platform.  This project helped CUB to become more agile and lower operating costs dramatically.



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