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Adam Ferrario, Global Implementation Manager

What Our Customers Say

I have worked with FAIR CG on many assignments over the past 5 years across a variety of domains from SAP CRM and ECC to Open Text to Hybris Commerce. These ranged in complexity, from global template implementations to solution designs to functional enhancements of production environments. Every time FAIR CG bring a collaboration of experience and expertise to help bring our strategic initiatives to life.
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A look into LeasePlan

LeasePlan was founded in 1963 and of an of Dutch origin. This international company specialises in automobile leasing and fleet management. Refashioning itself as a world-leading ‘Car-as-a-Service company’. LeasePlan has 1.7 million vehicles under management in 32 countries, with an annual turnover of 5.76 Billion (2018).

LeasePlan has approximately 6,600 employees, 14% of whom are working out of headquarters in the Netherlands. With over 55 years experience, LeasePlan’s mission is: “To provide what’s next in mobility via an ‘Any car, Anytime, Anywhere’ service – so you can focus on what’s next for you.”

LeasePlan Engagement Summary

FAIR Consulting Group engaged with LeasePlan on a large number of projects across its Australian and Netherlands operation. We worked to support LeasePlan’s continuous digital initiatives across a wide range of SAP systems and applications. FAIR Consulting Group worked on some very significant projects such as a full SAP Landscape upgrade and a SAP CLS Global template pilot which we helped build. During our engagement in the Netherlands, we worked on a larger transformation project, delivering support across data migration, CRM and front end development and a Sitecore integration with the SAP systems on AWS (Amazon Web Services).

Select Engagements

We worked on a number of projects during our engagement with LeasePlan in the Netherlands. Specifically, we worked in the following area to support the transformation.

  • Data Migration
  • Hybris Commerce with integration to Sitecore Front End, SAP CRM, CPQ
  • AWS DevOps


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