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Stephano Ah-Fock , SAP Application Team Lead
Parmalat Australia

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It was a pleasure working with FAIR over the years. We found the advice they provided to be very valuable and deep around the CRM space and the work that they did for us in this space was very professional and of high quality. FAIR has consultants with a high level of experience and are very knowledgeable.
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A look into Parmalat

Parmalat is an Italian multinational dairy and food corporation. It is a global leader in the production of long-life milk. Since 2003 they have been a subsidiary of French group Lactalis. Currently, Parmalat operates across Europe, America, South America, Australia, China, and South Africa.

Parmalat specialises in milk and milk derivatives. In addition, the group also sells fruit juices distributed under the brand names Lactis, Santal, Malù, and Kyr. Its worldwide operations include approximately 140 production centres and just over 16,000 employees, with 5,000 Italian dairy farms supplying the business. Parmalat aims to bring nutrition and wellness to people all over the world.

As they continue to grow they have made a commitment to invest and expand in Australia. They are setting the benchmark for the dairy industry locally and playing an ever-increasing role in the export of dairy products into Asia.

Parmalat Engagement Summary

FAIR Consulting Group worked with Parmalat as a trusted consulting partner for Parmalat for all SAP CRM and ERP support. However, last year, Parmalat recognised Salesforce as their CRM solution due to various changes in their business models. This means SAP CRM would be phased out from their landscape. Parmalat’s internal SAP team had a design and solution proposed for this migration. They contacted us to validate the solution, calculate CRM efforts, propose any recommendations and to perform the necessary CRM and ERP changes.

Select Engagements

FAIR worked in an advisory capacity to review the Parmalat’s options for the changes in their business model. We looked at SAP CRM vs SAP Cloud for Customers vs Salesforce CRM. We gave the various options, analysis and recommendation on the best path for Parmalat.

During the project phase, all three systems ERP, CRM and SF co-exist. But the customer creation process shifted from SAP CRM to SF. SF would then replicate customers to ERP via interfaces. Subsequently, SAP CRM became the slave system for customer data. Configuration changes involved, SAP CRM and ERP.

This project was about building extractor programs in SAP CRM to extract customer info to be uploaded to SalesForce.



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