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A look into Sigma Healthcare

Sigma Healthcare is a leading Australian full line wholesale and distribution business to pharmacy. Sigma Healthcare is one of Australia’s largest pharmaceutical wholesalers, with the bulk of its revenue coming from wholesaling and distributing pharmaceuticals online, in-store and via prescriptions across the nation. Sigma opened up shop in Melbourne in 1912, the company has grown into a large, nationwide network providing support to the public and hospital pharmacy.

They are estimated to generate yearly revenue of around $4 billion. They have approximately 1,200 pharmacies operating under various brands most notably; Amcal, Guardian, PharmaSave, Chemist King and Discount Drug Store. Sigma Healthcare supplies an additional 2,800 retail pharmacies, from 15 distribution centres around the country. They have a heavy online commerce demand and receive a large number of orders across the country. They estimate to offer around 15,000 SKUs and receive 600+ orders daily, for more than a million deliveries annually.

Sigma Engagement Summary

Sigma Healthcare engaged FAIR Consulting Group to help deliver a strategic roadmap for their digital transformation. The aim of the project was to take both B2B & B2C commerce architecture and transform it into a B2X, single customer data model. We conducted a discovery and assessment in order to better understand their current framework and architecture. During our engagement, we helped deliver a roadmap for their e-commerce program and defined a clear view of the digital initiatives Sigma Healthcare needed to take for a successful digital transformation. Our work delivered a technical framework of activities for over 1-3 months, and we defined a B2X commerce system strategy with a thorough 1-3 year technology roadmap.

Select Engagements

This discovery project helped define a clear vision of the current set up and integrations across Sigmas B2X commerce systems. We also summarised, explored and brought attention to all risks and potential opportunities for Sigmas Healthcare digital transformations.

  • Review of business vision and strategy
  • Review of B2X platform’s technical and functional processes
  • Review of B2X current programs of work
  • Review of current IT initiatives and strategies
  • Review of the current CRM systems (7 different systems) and understand if it’s possible to unify the solution

We defined a framework for immediate tactical initiatives (3-6 months approach), defined resolution priority for current/urgent issues in their current B2X commerce systems and defined a B2X Commerce strategic future technology roadmap (1-3 years strategy).

Our activities included

  • Providing a clear view of the current setup and integrations
  • Assess possibilities of unifying all the backend systems using only SAP Hybris or only IBM Websphere
  • Definition of the framework for tactical initiatives (1-3 months)
  • Definition of resolution priority for current/urgent issues in their commerce systems
  • Definition a B2X Commerce strategic future technology roadmap(1-3 years)


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