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FAIR Consulting Group is pleased to present our Commerce inspired CMS Connector. This Contentful Hybris integration Connector (CHiC) helps quick start your integration between Contentful and SAP Commerce to deliver a full omnichannel platform. Content writers and digital leads can rejoice with this elegant integration, which, not only speeds up the process but allows for smooth and seamless integration. The CHiC supports CMS platform integration collaborates commerce and content in-order to deliver end-to-end customer value.

SAP Commerce, Contentful CMS and Mulesoft

CHIC- Contentful Hybris Integration Connector- Management Consulting Australia

Contentful CMS integration with SAP Hybris which includes implementation of Mulesoft as a Middleware for routing and transforming information in sales.

Conveniently, Choreographed, Content.

The CHiC Connection

The CHiC (Contentful & Hybris integration Connector) plays on Contentful’s rest API’s and Mulesoft ESB functions. This connector acts as a “content writers best friend” by delivering content assets from Contentful’s CMS efficiently to single or multiple storefronts. This connector will work as a single application where you can insert content assets in Contentful which will be pushed to SAP Commerce passing through Mulesoft, and that content will then be available to publish on any front end technology. 

Content is King


The CHIC connects SAP Commerce with Contentful CMS solution which provides APIs to be used on any frontend technology to display content in a clean, simple, seamless way.


♦ Design your own model in Contentful and display how you want on the frontend


♦ Using Contentful’s rest API’s allows for an adaptable solution to all platforms


♦Simplify the journey of content writers and product managers displaying their content 

Bringing your commerce and content closer together


The CHiC is the perfect connector for content writers or product managers simplifying content management for their commerce stores!


♦ Publish content anywhere in your store


♦ Content can easily be reviewed in back-office


♦ Display your content quickly on storefront

Elegantly Connecting Contentful with Commerce

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