How do you create seamless data flows between applications, as quickly and easily as possible? That’s where the FAIR Fluent Order Management to SAP Commerce Integration Accelerator shines.

In order to achieve a fully functional and successful omnichannel process, Fluent Commerce customers frequently need to integrate the order management software with an existing e-commerce system. Fluent Commerce enlisted the help of the FAIR Consulting Group to provide these integrations quickly and smoothly. FAIR Consulting Group helped consult, design, build and implement a solution that would help overcome the roadblocks when integrating Fluent Commerce and SAP Commerce.

Best of Commerce

Our solution blends some pre-build SAP Commerce customisations with custom-configured Fluent Order Management order orchestration workflows. All pre-tested and ready to go. The result is a tool that cuts your integration time, reduces risk, and ultimately accelerates your order management project.

Key Features

Master data synchronisation from SAP Commerce to Fluent Order Management

Product availability check, directly from Fluent Order Management on the storefront for the consumer

Consumer orders sent  to Fluent Order Management for fulfilment

Automated order fulfilment updates from Fluent Order Management to SAP Commerce

All pre-tested and ready to go. 

“We are proud to have assisted Fluent Commerce with innovating and building one of the most potent Order Management System (OMS) in the market. FAIR Consulting Group is the perfect strategic partner for integrating Fluent Commerce seamless solution with SAP Commerce Cloud, a formidable and equally powerful e-commerce system”


–  Mehrab Ebadi, Managing Director at FAIR Consulting Group

Our Solution Reduces Integration Effort by 60%

Fluent Commerce to SAP Commerce integration accelerator

The Integration Accelerator covers about 80% of the data synchronisation flows, and most of the basic order flow which can reduce integration efforts by 60%.

About Fluent Commerce

The Fluent Order Management cloud platform was designed for the retailers and brands of the future. Fast, scalable and extremely flexible, it lets them adapt quickly to the changing needs of their customers, and offer convenient omnichannel options such as Click and Collect and the in-store return of online orders. Paired with a strong e-commerce platform, like SAP Commerce,  it enables retailers and brands to achieve the perfect balance between a premium customer experience and profitable delivery. 
Headquartered in Australia, but with clients around the world, Fluent Commerce is dedicated to the acceleration of global commerce.

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Need a faster way to implement omnichannel orders management?

FAIR Consulting Group is offering a free 2-week consultation service, along with a project review and roadmap assessment. If you’re using SAP Commerce or Fluent Commerce talk to us about starting a project today!

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